Product Bundles for Virtuemart is a useful plugin for buying multiple items at a discounted price. You can motivate people to buy more products with customizable discounts. The product page displays the main product and a set of additional products using an additional field. Features. Ability to set a discount when adding multiple products to the cart, Virtuemart 3 support, support for other custom fields, integration with the popular Stockable Custom Fields plugin, design management and much more.

    Quantity Customsize - A useful plugin for Virtuemart that allows you to set prices for and discounts for established size ranges. Now you can sell products of various sizes. For example carpets, tables, fabrics, windows and more. You can sell products that require a length, height, width, and surface. In the plugin settings, you can specify a discount for the size range. You can also note the possibility of the maximum and minimum value, the accuracy of the scale, change the language, price options and other functions.

    With the help of the FW Virtuemart Rental plugin, you can organize the rental of goods in the VirtueMart 3 store. You can make sales or rent of services or goods. Features. It is added to the product page using a custom field, creating a pricing grid, controlling and managing stocks, choosing to rent or buying an item, adding a deposit, having inventory control, customizing each item, setting the date format, delaying booking, and other useful settings.

    Advanced inventory for Virtuemart is a convenient and useful component for an inventory manager for a Virtuemart store. You can save your time by updating inventory levels. You don't need to open and edit every product. You can update all your products on one page in ajax mode. You can specify current stock, ordered values, availability date, publication, and more. There is a possibility of a massive update. You can also note the update of the stock by scanning a barcode, the ability to export and the presence of a convenient filter.

    Virtuemart Waiting list Dashboard is a Virtuemart administrative panel module, which is designed to display a waiting list with customer numbers and product names. The module supports Virtuemart 3.x. The main features of this module. Display all or published products only, view with notifications, requested by guests or registered users. The module is installed in a standard way. After installing the module, you must specify the position "Cpanel".

    SJ Deals for VirtueMart is an adaptive Joomla module that allows you to manage deals in the Virtuemart store. You can present products with a discounted price and an original price. The countdown timer can be set to display. This will motivate the purchase of products. Main functionality: support for responsive layouts, displaying information in a new and pop-up window, displaying multiple modules on a page, controlling the number of displayed elements, setting the background color, setting the image size and other useful functions.

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