Vik RentCar is a powerful tool for organizing the sale and rental of vehicles. The component can be used to rent any vehicle. Features of the component. Creation of vehicle categories (cars, scooters, vans and others), receiving payments from PayPal and other payment gateways, convenient pricing system (hourly, daily and monthly expenses), setting prices depending on the season, additional costs, the presence of a convenient vehicle search module , indication of the place of delivery and rent, display of statistics and many other options.

    OS Services Booking is a popular Joomla extension that allows you to organize a booking form on the website. The component can be used for booking any services. This is the best solution for online management and reservation services. Features Versatility (the ability to use for salons, clinics, consultations and other similar services), the rapid creation of a booking request, an unlimited number of fields, support for coupons, support for time intervals. The extension supports popular payment gateways, PDF accounts, GCalendar and off-the-shelf layouts.

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