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    Free content management system Joomla , are distributed under the GNU/GPL license, which means that all the free or premium templates and extensions for CMS data, may only be distributed under this license. You can verify this by looking the source code of any template or extension, where at the beginning of each file will be shown - GNU / GPL License.

    What is the license of GNU/GPL?

    The GNU General Public License (GNU GPL or GPL) is a widely used free software license, which guarantees end users (individuals, organizations, companies) the freedoms to run, study, share (copy), and modify the software. Software that allows these rights is called free software and, if the software is copylefted, requires those rights to be retained. The GPL demands both. The license was originally written by Richard Stallman of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) for the GNU Project.

    In other words, the GPL grants the recipients of a computer program the rights of the Free Software Definition and uses copyleft to ensure the freedoms are preserved whenever the work is distributed, even when the work is changed or added to. The GPL is a copyleft license, which means that derived works can only be distributed under the same license terms. This is in distinction to permissive free software licenses, of which the BSD licenses and the MIT License are the standard examples. GPL was the first copyleft license for general use.

    Prominent free software programs licensed under the GPL include the Linux kernel and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). Some other free software programs (MySQL is a prominent example) are dual-licensed under multiple licenses, often with one of the licenses being the GPL.

    Historically, the GPL license family has been one of the most popular software licenses in the FOSS domain. David A. Wheeler argues that the copyleft provided by the GPL was crucial to the success of Linux-based systems, giving the programmers who contributed to the kernel the assurance that their work would benefit the whole world and remain free, rather than being exploited by software companies that would not have to give anything back to the community.

    On 29 June 2007, the third version of the license (GNU GPLv3) was released to address some perceived problems with the second version (GNU GPLv2) that were discovered during its long-time usage. To keep the license up-to-date, the GPL license includes an optional "any later version" clause, allowing users to choose between the original terms or the terms in new versions as updated by the FSF. Developers can omit it when licensing their software; for instance the Linux kernel is licensed under GPLv2 without the "any later version" clause.

    Freedom and liabilities

    The GPL gives recipients computer programs following rights and "freedom":

    • freedom to run the program for any purpose;
    • freedom to study how the program works, and modify it (prerequisite for this is access to the source code);
    • copies freedom spread both the source and executable code;
    • the freedom to improve the program, and release improvements to the public access (prerequisite for this is access to the source code).

    In general, the distributor of the program obtained under the GPL, any program based on such, is obliged to give the recipient the opportunity to obtain the corresponding source code.

    In simple terms, from a legal point of view, the user has the right to use any of the templates and extensions for Joomla! on any websites without any restrictions, as well as modify them, including PHP / JS scripts and CSS styles, etc.

    The rules of the site

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    All materials (products) presented on the site is licensed under the GPL. In accordance with the GPL license this resource has the full right to distribute (including commercially) copies of these materials to members of the club / community.

    Registration is an integral part of the presence and use of the materials on the website. The registration automatically means Your consent with these Rules. If You do not agree with these Rules, please write to Admin to deactivate Your account and leave this site immediately.

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    The rules are made by administration and are fundamental for the resolution of any conflicts arising from the use of the site.

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