Yendif Music Share 1.2 is a great solution for managing and hosting music on your sites. You can easily share playlists, songs, albums and artists with your site visitors. Features. HTML5 Player is supported by all popular browsers and is displayed on all devices, the presence of a large number of customizable parameters, loading music tracks using Ajax, the ability to upload songs and add a rating, the ability to advanced search. You can also note the presence of several display options, customization of display layouts and sorting.

    hwdmediashare 2.0.5 the latest version of one of the best and advanced components for operation with media files on the websites Joomla 3. Extension allows to work with media content to the site administrator, users of the website and all necessary functions for start of powerful application for exchange of a multimedia content. You can easily implement playlists, media units, information channels, albums. It is supported different formats of images, video, audio, Google Maps. Support of a mnogoyazychnost (installation from the admin panel).

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